Thursday, November 15, 2012

Headdresses are so last year...

Headdresses, again?

Isn’t it time the hipsters move on to something else before it gets cool?

So, we had the redemption of Paul Frank, followed by No Doubt's release of the clueless “Looking Hot” video and subsequent apology.  (Can someone please tell me why Gwen Stefani is throwing a coup stick?) Finally, Victoria's Secret got into the act. Then, after receiving the loving e-mails of our people and allies, they issued their own apologies (just in time for us to take advantage of the Panty Party sale, I might add.)

I, like you, have read a lot of “Lighten up, people!” comments.  So, in the interest of lightening up, I searched the internet for some really ridiculous headdresses we could all point at, laugh, and feel better about ourselves because we never left the house in these monstrosities.

Bear woman was one with trees.

Image stolen from:
Here, I'm going to make up an ancient story about a bear that fell in love with a tree.  As you can see, it ended tragically when their only tree-cub died becoming a robe for a confused performance art student.

Ikto so loved the horned woman he spun his web around her. 

Image stolen from:
Then, it got really dirty.
That other woman might be the fearless leader of the tree sprites, but we can't be sure.

Relax she's not wearing that...

Image stolen from:

She's being eaten.

Hmmm... What breed of dog am I thinking of?

Image stolen from:

Look! It's our old friends Huginn and Muninn!

Image stolen from:
(Maybe not Native-inspired, but when else will I get in an Odin joke?)

Probably not Native-inspired...

Image stolen from:
...but it has feathers so, I'm putting it in here anyway.

Blog Goddess’s note: I wish I could think of an interesting excuse for being silent for so long, like maybe I went to prison for a while for streaking around the Cherokee Nation Headquarters.  Sadly, no. Instead I went back to college and landed a job with a software company. <3 you all!

Oh, and don't forget November 18 is the first-annual "Wear Your Wolf Shirt Day".  Send me photos of you and your wolf shirt! Wanishi!