Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random Tagging Round-up (NSFW)

Sort of getting back to our roots today.  These are all photos my Facebook friends have been tagged in.  With the exception of a certain Osage and Dakota, most of these tags were meant as compliments.
There are a few common themes in these kind of images that fill the internet.

Sky Faces

Because the wolves are coming over for dinner on Wednesday...

Not "Awful" enough?  Photoshop in a creepy leering Spears brother!

Sky faces + wolves = double points!

Photoshop is hard...

Dreams Catchers:
Do not feed the dream-catcher bear.

Wolves, white women, pink feathers, oh, and I'm glad we're friends. Ahhhh....

All these things would eat you if they had a chance...just sayin' :)

Photoshop WTF?

Okay, I get the trees, eagles, owls, and generic mystical guy, but why are there 2 Death stars in this picture?

It's like they put everything "Awful" in a blender!

Rule 34
Why does so much "Native Inspired" art include the "O" face?

 Somebody really likes wolves.
Wait a minute!
Skyface + wolf + rule 34 = TRIPLE POINTS!

I'm not thinking about religion  right now, are you?  
I'm waiting for that really strong wind. O.o.

OH MY! Wait, is that Gene Simmons as an Angel? 

The Indians- Ireland's (IRELAND?) top show band

A friend shared this LINK with me and I was annoyed just enough to write again.  (There's been drama in Der Bear Haus, causing writer's block and other unfortunate side effects.  Reading about one's personal life, especially mine, is about as fun as watch really stinky paint dry in room without ventilation, so I'll spare you all the details.  You can thank me later.)

The following descreption is taken from the band's facebook page:
This "The Indians “BIG CHIEF” (Raymond Kelly), is lead singer and his stage name is GERONIMO. He is one of the finest vocalists in the business. Other members of the band are Eamonn (Sitting Bull) on keyboards, Kevin (Long Arrow) on drums, Brian (Crazy Horse) on bass guitar, and Tommy (Dull Knife) on lead guitar.

 Rob Schmidt at Newspaper Rock has wrote about band last year, explaining why this kind of  "lager-western" (similar to spaghetti-western but with more freckles) stage show is wrong.   More information on the band's shameful history can be found here.

Wait..Doesn't Ireland get it's own share of cultural appropriation?  Remember that holiday when we dress up like leprechauns and vomit green beer to "Honor" our (real or imagined) Irish roots?   

 So, why would they do this?

 Or this:
Wait, what the f@#$ do they know about Christmas on the the Reservation? 

Oh look another it's Apache cover.

So what do we do?
We contact them and tell them how offensive their gimmick is! 

Facebook fanpage #1 
Facebook fanpage #2