Monday, January 24, 2011

Awful goes amatuer Mappelthorpe (NSFW)

Oh yes, there are more winkte inspiration photos by Dan Nelson.
So when does the male nude cross over from fine art to porn?  When a fluffer is required.  None of Dan's photos have crossed into that territory, yet. (Yes, I checked all the knobs...didn't enjoy a second of it...thank you very much)
In some ways this is worse than the velvet-worthy painting.
He posed for this.  Obviously, this model thought this was an okay thing to do.  Alright, he isn't naked like many of the other Dan Nelson photos, but he's still wearing feathers. Reminds me of another cheesy  romance novel cover.
Should this image bother us?

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  1. Should I point out that just about everything white explorers wrote about Indians from Columbus all the way to Chagnon (and technically Lizot, but Lizot was gay anyway) seems to have homoerotic undertones?