Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Schlock [shlok]  yiddish
–adjective 1.Also, schlocky. cheap; trashy: a schlock store.

–noun 2.something of cheap or inferior quality; junk.

 So, I spent the weekend in Oklahoma.  I used to live there so, you'd think I'd be used to it.   However, I'm always shocked by Oklahoma's love/hate relationship with it's Indigenous population.  They advertise it as "Native America".  However, when it comes to respecting actual Native Americans, well, that's a different story.  In Oklahoma, nowhere is safe from "Awful".

As soon as we crossed into South Coffeyville we were greeted with these:

at The Woodshed in South Coffeyville, where they also carry Lee Bogle greeting cards!
(yes, that is my pudgy little hand with the tape keeping my ring on, I'm classy like that)

Seriously, do people really buy their "Objets d'art" at the Gas station?

Gardner's Used Books, why?

*Sniff* I LOVE that place, too.
 Even the Goodwill...
  Teepees, cactus, cowboys, canoes and buffalo, really, this shirt has it all!
(yes, I shop at thrift stores, even on vacation)

And Walmart.
Okay, I have a friend that owns a similar shirt in purple and insists on wearing it around me in public.  He likes wolves, alright?  He wears the tie-dye shirt I made for him, too.

Meanwhile in the fabric department...
$2.50 a yard! What a bargain!
I want this fabric!  What the hell would I do with it, though?  
(Please leave "awful" ideas in the comment section, I might make it a reality!)

Let's not forget the Home decor section at Drysdales:
I had a "real" photo of these painted ponies and feel like I should have really cool story about how I lost it.  However, I am terrified for clowns and have a certain healthy unease about horses, too.  For me, horses are like those ladies at the country club.  I can admire their grace and beauty, but I have no desire to mount one.

 Talk about your Random Appropriations!

 Okay, this isn't Oklahoma, this is Chanute, KS.  It just struck me as strange.

And now for some Official Oklahoma Souvenirs!
In case you need to forget about Miley Cyrus for a while...

Speaking of drinking...
from ebay
From the seller's listing: "Retro Risque' Oklahoma Jiggers Drink Glass Indian Sooner
Today i have this Fantastic Retro and Risque' Oklahoma Jigger Drink Glass for Sale. This is a Great Bar Novelty Glass that has on the Front a Red Indian wearing a Feather in His Head Band and saying Hic, Hic. Apparently he is Drunk and Probably a big Chief at that. On the back of the glass it tells you What Type of Indian you are by how much You Drink. 2 oz. makes you a Papooses, 4 oz. a Young Squaw., 6 oz a Young Buck. 8 Oz. a Warrior and 10 oz makes You a Big Chief Only. What a great retro addition to your fine Bar Collectibles. Please do not think i am bias or pushing you to drink by me selling this item. I just think its a Funny Piece of History"
 Oh, I get it now, it was offensive, but now it's retro, risque and funny.  Puke.

Got Smokes?
from ebay

A quote from my husband (and Awful proofreader), "It fits."
Blog goddess note: Don't think I  hate Oklahoma and all that.  They got Braums, Whataburger and Rib Crib.  Plus, stuff keeps getting built within walking distance of my Mother-in-law's so I don't get lost while trying to escape for a while!  Then, there's Pow-wow season. Oh, and wild onions...

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  1. This one website said the easiest way to preserve your virginity is to wear a wolf shirt.

    "Native-inspired" art by white people is often fantasy art, which can often be bought out of a van or at a gas station. That mythology is a common theme to real Indian art helps.