Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tipis, Tepees, Tee-pees!

A tribute to those conical dwellings as only "Awful" can do!
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Does anybody else think this looks like a pantyhose doll emerging from a big, yellow vulva?  Hmm, reminds me of a story about a vacuum cave...I better stop before I give myself nightmares.

From our friends at Etsy:
It even comes with an Ojibwa prayer, but don't your hopes up, it was made by "a Great admirer of the American Indian Culture!"

More from Etsy: 
Of course, American Fairies live in Teepees!  Wait, American fairies come in blond?

And now, the dreamer catcher.

Sorry, the squishy faced doll is not included.  This craft person does some interesting dreamcatchers, if only they made one in tesseract.


 Teepees do make excellent play structures, but why bother teaching your children cultural sensitivity while you're at it?

A tipi phone?  How have I living so long without one of these!?

Now, for my personal favorite.

Who needs room at the inn when you have a Tee-pee?


  1. Tesseract? Well, four is a sacred number to a lot of plains tribes. But then we'd have to revise it again to add two more directions, and...Goddamn Sixth Rangers always fucking up our Five Man Band (even if the half-Trope Namer and Most Triumphant Example is supposedly the only Indian that show ever had).

  2. Wow. That last picture is hilarious. "Native"-ity Scene. LOLOL