Saturday, February 5, 2011

When the feathers are just too hip for you... (NSFW)

They send in a scrawny white chick.
The worst part is that I found it on Zippercut blog.  (Yes, those are tee-pee decor suggestions. Ugh, I feel sick.  Are yurts and geodesic-domes not romantically earthy enough?) Okay, in their defense, they did remove this picture, but not before a commenter could rave on how much they LOVE it.  Yes, some hipster loves this painting!  The entire site is full of Native Appropriations-worthy fodder.

Speaking of Native Appropriations, Adrienne did a great job explaining  the headdress issue, if you had any questions as to why naked white women shouldn't be running around in them please read: "But, why can't I wear a hipster headdress?"

Honestly, I don't know what's going on artistically in this photo, rather than "Hey let's do something ironic!"  You'd think they'd at least spring for the deluxe, super-duper authentic headdress.

To fill any Non-Natives in on the problem here, let me explain: Natives don't  like to mix the sacred with the profane.  Naked women should not pose with feathers, drums, bone chokers, or any type of regalia.  Navajo rugs and Pendleton blankets are questionable, too.  Give them the same regard as your great grandmother's hand-stitched quilt.

Let's think about that quilt for a second.

Picture it in your mind's eye and  feel all the warm, fuzzy emotions associated with it.

Now, picture the woman above laying spread-eagle on it.

Got that feeling?

Good, my work here is done. CB

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  1. Rule 34 again. No moar. Do not want. Et cetera.