Thursday, November 15, 2012

Headdresses are so last year...

Headdresses, again?

Isn’t it time the hipsters move on to something else before it gets cool?

So, we had the redemption of Paul Frank, followed by No Doubt's release of the clueless “Looking Hot” video and subsequent apology.  (Can someone please tell me why Gwen Stefani is throwing a coup stick?) Finally, Victoria's Secret got into the act. Then, after receiving the loving e-mails of our people and allies, they issued their own apologies (just in time for us to take advantage of the Panty Party sale, I might add.)

I, like you, have read a lot of “Lighten up, people!” comments.  So, in the interest of lightening up, I searched the internet for some really ridiculous headdresses we could all point at, laugh, and feel better about ourselves because we never left the house in these monstrosities.

Bear woman was one with trees.

Image stolen from:
Here, I'm going to make up an ancient story about a bear that fell in love with a tree.  As you can see, it ended tragically when their only tree-cub died becoming a robe for a confused performance art student.

Ikto so loved the horned woman he spun his web around her. 

Image stolen from:
Then, it got really dirty.
That other woman might be the fearless leader of the tree sprites, but we can't be sure.

Relax she's not wearing that...

Image stolen from:

She's being eaten.

Hmmm... What breed of dog am I thinking of?

Image stolen from:

Look! It's our old friends Huginn and Muninn!

Image stolen from:
(Maybe not Native-inspired, but when else will I get in an Odin joke?)

Probably not Native-inspired...

Image stolen from:
...but it has feathers so, I'm putting it in here anyway.

Blog Goddess’s note: I wish I could think of an interesting excuse for being silent for so long, like maybe I went to prison for a while for streaking around the Cherokee Nation Headquarters.  Sadly, no. Instead I went back to college and landed a job with a software company. <3 you all!

Oh, and don't forget November 18 is the first-annual "Wear Your Wolf Shirt Day".  Send me photos of you and your wolf shirt! Wanishi!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Topless and Running with Wolves (NSFW)

stolen from
Think this tattoo might serve as a warning.  
Oh, look his tag will tell us if he's had all his shots!
Of all the appropriation trends, tattoos are the ones I understand the least.  Why would anyone want something from another culture permanently drawn on their skin with a vibrating needle?

stolen from
Two wolves, a dream-catcher, generic "tribal" markings, feathers and a turquoise tramp stamp?
(I'm not even going to ask about the bondage collar)

stolen from
Yes, it's a wolf-catcher.  They even added pony-beads to the design.

 stolen from
Sky face wolf + maiden + horse= TRIPLE POINTS 

stolen from
I'm not even sure where to begin with this one!  
I think the, um, roll adds that extra special something to the shading, though.

Oh look, someone indigenized Star Gate.
Sadly, I feel I must deduct points for the lack of wolf in this tattoo.

This will give me nightmares.

And the winner (still) is...

Wolf eyes, sky faces, horse, maidens #1 & #2 , one even has the "O" that an eagle over there, too? 
Yup, she wins the internet.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awful inspires Awful

Taken by me at an arts & craft show somewhere in Kansas
Don't those fairies look strangely familiar?
Well, they should.
Yes, it's Jasmine Becket-Griffith's Spirit Maidens, again, brought to you by the wonderfully offensive dedicated folks at the Hamiton Collection.

O.o, check out the description:

"Embark on a quest to feel the spirit's guiding presence with a first-ever collectible fantasy art fairy figurine collection featuring fairies and their spirit guiding friends by acclaimed fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith, only from The Hamilton Collection. Your mystical journey begins with Issue One, Moonheart, the Spirit of Strength. Soon, your mesmerizing collection continues with Issue Two, Dreamsky, the Spirit of Vision and additional collectible fairy figurines, each a separate issue to follow."

So, there's MORE!  Oh wow, that wacky artist lady (who will remain unnamed, because I was too busy taking pictures and making fun of her work to pick up her card) to be INSPIRED by. 
I'm betting her next painting will look something like this:
Don't even get me started on the owls...

Oh, did I completely forget about all those antlers and dead animal skins draped on that artist's table?
It was like a taxidermist explosion plus turquoise.  Because when you think turquoise, what's the first thing that comes to mind?  

No, not that. 

Not that, either.  

No, the sacredness of nature that can only be experienced by surrounding oneself with dead things. (that's the theory anyway)
Oh look, driftwood.
What's sad about all this is that we have a large, active Native Community here.  I wonder how many walked by this booth and thought, "Wow, that's bad."  I'm not so much offended as I am annoyed.  It would have been so easy for the artist to ask someone, "Do you think it's too much?" 


Monday, April 23, 2012

Helpful hints for would-be anti-racist, Indigenous Solidarity activists by Special Guest Blogger Josdadalv

If your "Indigenous Solidarity" group has no NDNs in it; if you have to work Real Hard to find an NDN person, any NDN person, to come speak to your group; and this search involves sending way-too-personal messages to strangers on the Internet... you have a problem.

 If the members of your all-white group think they are showing "solidarity" by speaking in a subcultural patois of Newage Bafflegab crossed with TontoSpeak... you have a problem.

 If your all-white, "Indigenous Solidarity" group has been meeting for six months and still hasn't met any NDNs.... really, you guys have a problem.

If your white members find an NDN who is kind enough to speak with them, and you then insist on representing that NDN to the rest of the all-white group, instead of letting them speak for themselves.... you Really. Have. A. Problem.

If your all-white members then battle it out amongst themselves, sobbing at the NDN about your feelings, and trying to out-TontoSpeak the others in an effort to earn the right to speak for All NDNs Everywhere (because you spoke to one, single NDN who is still just a stranger from the Internet), while the NDN themself goes ignored and unwelcomed when they show up to speak with your group.... Seriously, you have such a serious problem, it's not going to work out for you. You might as well admit it now and just go back to being full-blown newage pretendians instead of trying to don the sheepskin camouflage of pretend activism, thinking the experienced activists won't smell you coming a mile away.

 Oh yeah, and the NDNs you insulted, objectified and tokenized. They're pretty pissed at you. And laughing at you. And telling their friends. And relatives. And Elders. Just so you know.

We are so honored that you have come to speak to us in a good way, cultural appropriation kitty. Aho. Hoka Hey. I know there are NDNs hiding in my family tree, I just haven't found them yet, sistah.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Somebody had to point this out

Johny Depp featuring a dead bird and, oh, that one guy.

Kirby Sattler's "I am Crow"

Wait, isn't Tonto supposed to be Comanche? 
So, shouldn't he look a little more like this?
Quanah (aka Fragrance, aka Quanah Parker) - Comanche/Scots-Irish - circa 1869

WTF is up with the bird, anyway?
I had a brainstorm with Rob Schmidt, Newspaper Rock blogger, this afternoon (when I should have been doing homework) trying to figure this out.

While Johnny Depp's costume seems a pretty exact copy of Sattler's painting, what was Sattler's inspiration?
Taken from Sattler's website on where he gets his inspiration:

He is not mainly concerned with being historically accurate. His art interpretations give a feeling of authenticity without being specific to a particular tribe. The paintings begin with reference materials, finding a visual to inspire an image. The composites of facial features from different sources; books, fotos, models, imagination, combined, result into a simple rough sketch on the canvas, establishing the scale and composition of the painting.”

Hmm...Okay, Sattler seems concerned with looking authentic while being totally generic. (Which could be why his paintings are so popular with the pretendian crowd)

Rob offered the explanation that either the painting or Tonto's get-up could be inspired by a Chipewyan story about a man named Crow-head who, coincidentally, did wear a crow skin. The crow skin cape gave him power but, also got him made fun of by girls.

So, we have a Crow in a painting title, a Chipewyan story, a guy claiming to be part Cherokee or Creek wearing it all and nothing about Comanches, but, hey, they all begin with “C”, right?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random Tagging Round-up (NSFW)

Sort of getting back to our roots today.  These are all photos my Facebook friends have been tagged in.  With the exception of a certain Osage and Dakota, most of these tags were meant as compliments.
There are a few common themes in these kind of images that fill the internet.

Sky Faces

Because the wolves are coming over for dinner on Wednesday...

Not "Awful" enough?  Photoshop in a creepy leering Spears brother!

Sky faces + wolves = double points!

Photoshop is hard...

Dreams Catchers:
Do not feed the dream-catcher bear.

Wolves, white women, pink feathers, oh, and I'm glad we're friends. Ahhhh....

All these things would eat you if they had a chance...just sayin' :)

Photoshop WTF?

Okay, I get the trees, eagles, owls, and generic mystical guy, but why are there 2 Death stars in this picture?

It's like they put everything "Awful" in a blender!

Rule 34
Why does so much "Native Inspired" art include the "O" face?

 Somebody really likes wolves.
Wait a minute!
Skyface + wolf + rule 34 = TRIPLE POINTS!

I'm not thinking about religion  right now, are you?  
I'm waiting for that really strong wind. O.o.

OH MY! Wait, is that Gene Simmons as an Angel? 

The Indians- Ireland's (IRELAND?) top show band

A friend shared this LINK with me and I was annoyed just enough to write again.  (There's been drama in Der Bear Haus, causing writer's block and other unfortunate side effects.  Reading about one's personal life, especially mine, is about as fun as watch really stinky paint dry in room without ventilation, so I'll spare you all the details.  You can thank me later.)

The following descreption is taken from the band's facebook page:
This "The Indians “BIG CHIEF” (Raymond Kelly), is lead singer and his stage name is GERONIMO. He is one of the finest vocalists in the business. Other members of the band are Eamonn (Sitting Bull) on keyboards, Kevin (Long Arrow) on drums, Brian (Crazy Horse) on bass guitar, and Tommy (Dull Knife) on lead guitar.

 Rob Schmidt at Newspaper Rock has wrote about band last year, explaining why this kind of  "lager-western" (similar to spaghetti-western but with more freckles) stage show is wrong.   More information on the band's shameful history can be found here.

Wait..Doesn't Ireland get it's own share of cultural appropriation?  Remember that holiday when we dress up like leprechauns and vomit green beer to "Honor" our (real or imagined) Irish roots?   

 So, why would they do this?

 Or this:
Wait, what the f@#$ do they know about Christmas on the the Reservation? 

Oh look another it's Apache cover.

So what do we do?
We contact them and tell them how offensive their gimmick is! 

Facebook fanpage #1 
Facebook fanpage #2