Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "Awful" Field Guide to Dreamcatchers

The wolf cubs were whimpering in their sleep, so they got this lady...
 Full disclosure:  This blog goddess has a personal beef with dreamcatchers.  I went one of those day-camps for poor kids back-in-the-day.  The dreamcatcher was a favorite in their laundry list of cheap crafts they forced kids to make.  I blocked out most of it.

Despite my animosity, the dreamcatcher is the symbol of Pan-Indian identity and various New-Age groups seeking that extra special spiritual connection they can only get by imitation spiderwebs made in China.  

Anyway,  here it is: 
The "Awful" Field guide to Dreamcatchers

The Ren-fest
found on

The Mystical Unicorn

Found on Ebay UK
The Oklahoma Truck Stop
found on ebay
I thought the idea of a dreamcatcher was to prevent nightmares.

The WTF?
found on etsy user id "grandmaspider"

The Neo-Pagan
Also found on etsy userid "FeatheredDreams1"
Is anyone else thinking about a goddess and her bra?

The Cat Toy
etsy userid "BarelyDavidson"

The Alien Hand
found at American Greetings, WTF?

The "It's looking at me"
An Etsy find, for more entertainment,you should read the listing. The artist says,"I've been lucky enough to have one hanging about the back yard the past week or so. He talks to me as I'm falling
asleep at night."  O.M.G. That thing is going to talk to me?! Yikes!

The Bird-Eater
etsy userid "lepetitreve"
Oh look, its a "whim-sicle", sort of like a pop-sicle, but makes louder sucking noises.

The Corsage
Etsty user id "HandmadeByBarb"
Can't you just picture this on the cardigan sweater of someone you don't want to be around or on the door of someplace you don't want to go?

The Sorority Girl
Ah, from our friend, FeatheredDreams1, again.

This is the Alpha Xi Delta version.  The Delta Zeta version comes with turtles.  The Tri-Delt one comes with trojans.

And Finally,

The Human
Don't try hanging this above your bed.


  1. You rawk Carrie...! Thanks so much for all you do...xoxo

    glenda deer
    ('s my real

  2. dude, i love this blog with an unholy passion. thanks for being you. <3

  3. Was that last one Lady Gaga?

    Wait, an owl? They do know that in a lot of ndn cultures, an owl is a symbol of death, right?

  4. Great Blog Carrie! Yep.. you rock!

  5. these are awesome pictures to look at.... :)

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  8. I recall see one dream-catcher of Che Guevara when I had a trip to Mexico City. ;) That should scare everybody for sure! :D