Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Everybody wants to be Poke-A-Hottie...er, I mean Pocahontas(NSFW)

Blog Goddess Note:  This was one where I can't even show you the most "Awful" things I found on the interwebs.  Why anyone would want to dress up as hyper-sexualized version of a 13-year-old girl is beyond me.  Make me want to bury my nose in one of those "Red roots of White feminism" books and have a friend smudge me.  BTW- if anyone want to read some interesting info about the real Pocahontas check out the article" Pocahontas, Half-Raced and Fully Sexed: The Almost Empty Signifier and American Iconography"

Pocahontas the Cannibal?
IO9 Twisted Princesses
Considering everything I found, I kind of like this.  Makes me think she is going to whoop the ass of everyone defiling her image.

Neither more interesting nor attractive...

City Salon HB

 I don't get it, why do people do this?  "Oh, I'm so inspired by Pocahontas, I'm going to put a leather dress and have somebody take my picture."  It sounds ridiculous, right?  

Yet, we see it, again.
Krasimir Ganchev
Anybody else getting bored, yet?
And again,
Ann Lobowitz "On Disney fairytale Legends" for Vanity fair. 
Fairytale? What?

And Again.
Pocahontas EXPLORE! by Martina Michelle
I'd call it "Self portrait with Dryer Sheet" but that's just me.
Then, there those who should know better.
And the Cherokee Nation groans in unison...

The Random
  • Robin Williams Pocahontas 2009, oil on linen, 5 x 6 feet
    Was the title "White chick on an inner tube" taken already?
 And the scary
Just imagine Dolls
Just another way to ensure your daughters have eating disorders.

Sadly, not even close to the worst of it.

Deviant Art Steeveinlove
 It goes down hill from here, lots of leather thongs and feathers, especially on posts surrounding thanksgiving. (Because nothing makes you want to give thanks like porn)

And going back to more whoop-ass (because after seeing everything out there, I may want to carry an axe around, too).

Simon Bisley Famous Women #9 Original Art - Pocahontas

Blog Goddess's note: I had to remove a picture per request, hopefully, they now realize how offensive and boring their photo concept was.

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  1. Thanks for this.. I just posted your post on my blog.. makes me cringe!