Saturday, April 30, 2011

5 Signs your new FB friend is a pretendian

They use a Kirby Sattler painting as their profile picture.
Kirby Sattler "See through Fog"
Now, I'm not saying Kirby Sattler is a bad artist or anything. (please don't sue me)  Yes, I know, this is the "Awful" blog.  He is a white artist who is a bit stuck in the romantic past, but honesty, compared most of the "Native Inspired" artwork out there, this is benign. 

They say things like, 'The Spirits belong to everybody" and post videos like this.

Wow, don't you just feel enlightened now?
Maybe you should try doing few yoga poses while watching to get the full effect.
I'm in "corpse pose" right now!
I will probably be featuring a lot of that "art" soon.  I really don't get the whole "Native Spirituality" youtube video thing, but then again, I don't understand why church services are on television, either.

They regularly tag you in photos like this one:
And this is supposed to be a compliment.

They own a headdress like this:
Feather and Stuff

Or this:
Feather and Stuff
Or this:
Yup, still Feathers and Stuff
Wow, those are some glazed looking hipsters...Oh, wait, no, those are mannequins.  My mistake.

Their weekend Pow-wow videos look something like this:

I've been watching this over and over; I'm more confused each time.
What the hell are they doing?
This is a pow-wow in Zuromin, Poland of all places.  
The drum group, Dead Dog Singers, are from the Czech Republic.  
Can somebody please tell me why?


  1. Really? Would any Indian woman actually wear something like that picture? I'd say, uh, no. Even Indian women who aren't too modest for that don't really consider buckskin erotic.

  2. You're right, mostly white guys with a weird Native Fetish consider buckskin erotic :)

  3. That pow wow is too much! I realized my jaw was opened and I hadn't blinked for the entire video in sheer amazement. How is that OK?

  4. Well, CBear, I just find it hilarious for other reasons. Indian women in general traditionally wore dresses. Dresses that don't show that much skin. Loincloths were a male item. In Lakota culture at least, it's even seen as a sign of virility; not surprisingly, if you wear one, or even shorts with an apron on, to a powwow, white women try to lift it up. (Um, no offense to any white women out there.)

    Although, the character design in that photo, it looks like something's pointing up in her loincloth. (SFW)

  5. Or painting. God, I hate getting my media wrong. Still trap-tastic, though. I guess some Indians make good trappers, and some make good traps.