Monday, April 18, 2011

Coyote "Inspirations"

Coyote the Trickster, we've all heard the stories about how he tricks Iktomi out of his roasted prairie dogs or how he stole fire or his hundreds of other stories.  (Wait, why is there no awful spider art? Believe me, I've been looking.)

Anyway, here are some "Awful" ways to express your connectedness to the coyote.  Disclaimer:  The blog author is not responsible for any wackiness that may occur in your life for embracing coyotes.

Getting in touch your inner Coyote...Or preparing for Coachella?
deviant art
This woman says, "I can create headdresses such as this from just about any tanned fur you hand me. Bobcat, wolf, mountain lion, bear, African black-backed name it, I'll do it (so long as it's legal, of course!)."

Wait, I found this trolling on Etsy... Yes, it is the same woman and still very creepy.
from etsy
Her listing claims this is "Perfect for Halloween, religous purposes, Burning Man, bonfire parties, Pow-Wows, costume parties, re-enactors, cosplayers, or anyone who wants to feel more in touch with their inner animal."   The misspellings are hers.

Um...What?  I must have missed the Roadkill Pow-wow.  Do they hold that off of the Will Rogers Turnpike?

But is it as bad as this?
From ebay, at $104 with 4 hours to go...

Oh but he looks so happy!  You know, with his severed head hanging on the wall.  Yup, happy.
Somebody wants this in their house, if it's any of you, please do me a favor and never invite me over.

Not Dooney & Burke...
from etsy, where else?

Ever think, "I could use a handbag that can elegantly sheath my 6-8 inch knife.  Those Burlington Coat Factory sales just get really rough sometimes, you never know when you might have to gut someone for taking the last pair of size 8 1/2 tiger print horse-hair pumps."  The dead coyote in this case would just be a warning to others.

Sometimes, I can't decide if something is scary, awful, awesome or all three.
deviant art user "I am Art slave"

When I see this, all I can think about is devouring Frank the Bunny.

Somebody read Generation T:
I was wondering what I'd wear if I found a Hot Tub Time Machine in Oklahoma City.

Not Felipe Rose:
 from Wood Co.
The website says, "This artifact is a wild and exceptional display piece! This impressive wall mount comes from Native American artists Super Moon and Black Wolf. It is part of a limited edition, number 20 of 500, and features a hand painted lost wax image of an American Indian Warrior."  
Now, I'm not going to claim know every Indigenous artisan out there, but Super Moon?  It doesn't say what tribe(s) the artisans belong to, either, which always strikes me as odd, especially when there's that whole Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990.
(please correct me if I'm wrong about this)
However, the site does go on to explain,"Native Americans have always felt a special connection to nature. The belief that all things have a spirit is an integral part of their religions. The Zuni believe that animals are more like the Zuni deities than is man. They also believe that animals have more power than man and that these powers, both practical and spiritual, reside in their totems."
Um, what do the Zuni have to do with this exactly? Hey, but he has horse hair, bison mane and coyote fur and for the low, low price of $361.95 plus shipping he can be yours!  I recommend hanging him in the guest room.



  1. oh man. your blog never ceases to make me lmao. but then also feel sad that someone out there is going to put that coyote thingie on their wall.

  2. LOL I don't get why there are no spider-inspired ones. The only one I can think of is an episode of Static Shock where he visited Ghana and met a superhero based on Anansi.

    A deviantart user in a fur suit. I am going to assume he's a furry. Google that. We'll wait. Yes, it's that disgusting.

    Super Moon? My girlfriend has dressed like Sailor Moon for Halloween last year, but Super Moon?

    1. Maybe people are just a little scared of getting caught in her web when trying to impersonate the eight legged architect.. after all only she knows where it is safe to go in her web.....and her webs are everywhere...besides who wants to cuddle with a spider...

  3. Artslave is a female fursuit/LARP costume creator, so please don't get mad about that XD

  4. Oh, I just remembered about Felipe Rose, I know a woman who makes stripper costumes. We had this discussion:

    Me: You're doing it wrong.
    Her: What do you mean?
    Me: The loincloth is one strip of material; it goes over the belt, between the legs, and over the belt again.
    Her: Okay.
    Me: Also, it's men's clothing. The Lakota word for it even derives from the word for "penis".

    sigilgoat: No, it's just hilarious. And from what little I know about the furry lifestyle, there are a lot of presumably white people with "native-inspired" "fursonas". Expect a wolf or a buffalo, wearing a loincloth and some feathers.

  5. This post reminds me of a part in Reservation Blues, when the musicians are thinking about what to name their band, and somebody suggests Coyote Springs or something like that... one of the guys is like, "It's always coyote this or coyote that, I'm sick of fucking coyote!" :D

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